Popcorn Colour Greeting Cards


In this lesson, we will be making greeting cards with Popcorn Colour Pens.  Popcorn Colours are colour pens with ink that puff-up after applying heat to them. The theme for the cards will be for the upcoming Christmas holiday.

What you need

  • Popcorn Colour pens
  • colour paper
  • pencil
  • hair dryer
Popcorn Colour.jpg

What you do

  1. First, test out the popcorn pens on a piece of scrap paper to get a feel of what they are like. 
  2. Brainstorm and sketch thumbnails for your card design. i.e. Santa, reindeer, snowman, snowflake, presents, etc.  Also, consider where you will be placing your text.
  3. Lightly sketch your layout onto card stock.
  4. Add colour with Popcorn Colour Pens
  5. Write a message to the person you want to give the card to.
  6. After you have finished, blow dry your designs and watch your designs puff-up.