Draw in Two-Point Perspective


Have you ever wanted to draw a realistic looking mechanical object such as a car, airplane or house? Learn how to draw these things accurately using a two-point perspective drawing system. A two-point perspective drawing has 2 vanishing point on a horizon line. 


  • horizon line
  • vanishing point
  • eye level
  • guideline
  • cube
  • cylinder
  • sphere
  • ellipse
  • vertical line and horizontal line

What you need

  • Sketchpad
  • pencil
  • eraser

    Watch the VIDEO on Two-Point Perspective Drawing

    What you do

    1. Review some basic terms for perspective drawing: horizon line, vanishing point, guideline, cube, cylinder, sphere, ellipse, vertical and horizontal.
    2. Draw a three-dimensional cube in two-point perspective. Draw the same cube near, far and floating.  
    3. After drawing the cubes, draw other basic forms in perspective such as cylinders and spheres. 
    4. Select a simple object (like a phone or pencil sharpener) to draw in two point perspective.  
    5. Sketch the construction lines lightly and darken the details later. Cleanup any unwanted lines with an eraser.
    6. If you feel confident enough, try applying what you have learned to drawing more complex objects such as a car, boat, train, airplane, building, chair, cup or a room.