One-Point Perspective Grid — Drawing 3D Shapes and Shadows

Drawing using a perspective grid is a system of drawing commonly used in industrial and architectural design. It is a drawing system that uses clear rules and steps.  Rulers are used to achieve greater accuracy and more precise lines.  

Draw basic shapes using a one-point perspective grid.  A one-point perspective drawing has one vanishing point on a horizon line. Before drawing, we will review such terms as cone of vision, horizon line, vanishing point and light source.

  1. Draw a one-point perspective grid with measurement units of 2 cm. 
  2. Draw a cube in two-point perspective: near, far, to the side and floating.
  3. Draw a cylinder two times the height of your cube.  If you find that easy, try drawing a sphere.  
  4. Shade and draw shadows on the objects.   

Materials sketching pad, pencils, ruler, eraser