Shapes and Colour Theory — Watercolours


We will learn about primary colours and how to mix them to produce secondary colours, using watercolour paint.  Basic shapes will also be reviewed.

Did you know

The 3 primary  colours RED (magenta), BLUE (cyan)  and YELLOW can be mixed to produce the entire spectrum of colours on the colour wheel.


  • watercolour paper
  • watercolour paint
  • paintbrush set
  • permanent black markers
  • pencils


  1. You will be introduced to the primary colours RED, YELLOW and BLUE.  We will use them to produce secondary colours: orange green and purple.  
  2. We will review a variety of different shapes: circle, square, triangle, oval, rectangle, star, octagon & pentagon.
  3. We will draw some basic shapes in our sketchpad for a colour-mixing painting exercise. After sketching our layout, we will outline the drawing with a permanent black marker.
  4.  With a painting palette of 3 primary colours: red, blue and yellow, we will mix 2 of the primary colours to produce secondary colours: orange, green and purple.  
  5. Make a 10 step colour gradiation from 100% intensity to 0%.