Cross-Contour Line Drawing - Hands


In this lesson we will be making a cross-contour line drawing of our hands. A cross-contour line drawings helps you understand the three-dimensional form of an object. This exercises strengthens your observational skills and helps to make your drawings appear more realistic. 

What you need

  •  sketch pad
  • pencil
  • markers and crayons
By Richard & Aara Lee

By Richard & Aara Lee

What you do

  1. Trace both your hands onto paper. 
  2. Select several colours you want to draw contour lines with.
  3. Start with the darkest colour, drawing the lines horizontally, about 5cm apart. 
  4. Add more contour lines with the other colours you have selected, from darkest to lightest.  
  5. Continue drawing lines until you are satisfied with the final drawing.