Figure Drawing


Learn how to draw the human figure in different poses. We will review human anatomy and study how the body bends and moves through observation and drawing. 


gesture, balance, motion, contour, building, reference, pose, stick figure, skeleton, ribcage, 


sketching paper, pencil, eraser

Credits "The Figure" by Walt Reed

Credits "The Figure" by Walt Reed


  1.  Gesture or Stick Figure Drawing Start off by drawing a loose gesture or stick figure. A gestures allows you to draw the pose your figure quickly. Draw several the figures in a variety of poses. Also keep in mind the centre of gravity in drawing the figure.
  2.  Building Next build mass to your gesture by drawing a skeleton and muscles on top of your gestures.
  3. Clearly define your figure by darkening the outer contours lines of your figure. Draw in little details and erase unwanted lines.  
  4. Reference Draw the figure from a live model (photo) as reference. Students can take turns posing as the model.