Night Scape's with Gold Scratch Paper


Learn about how artificial light from buildings, street lights and vehicles illuminate a cityscape. Illustrate a night scene of a famous location using scratch paper. 

This activity will help you understand how to illustrate night scenes and improves your overall painting skills. With scratch paper, the artist must scratch away areas that represent light and leave areas that dark. 

What you Need

  • gold scratch paper
  • coloured scratch paper
  • scratch tools
  • sketch pad & pencil


What you Do

  1. Practice various rendering techniques such as hatching and stippling on a piece of scrap piece of scratch paper.
  2. With gold scratch paper,  we will be choosing from several preexisting template designs, so we will not draw them ourselves. 
  3. Start scratching away the grey outlines of the drawing to expose the gold beneath.  
  4. Next, illustrate your own night scenes. Sketch your ideas in your sketch pad.  You may use photo references to work from. 
  5. Transfer you idea on to a sheet of coloured scratch paper.  Scratch away at areas that indicate light.