Popsicle Stick Characters


This week the lesson focus will be on character creation.  Character design and modeling is an important component of animation. Animators require a three-dimensional concept of their subject matter in order to animate them convincingly.  Students will first conceptualize their characters on paper and later model their characters with clay. If time permits, we can film a short story with our characters. 

What you need

  • Clay
  • popsicle sticks
  • wiggly eyes
  • sculpting utensils
  • white glue
  • pencils, markers and sketchpad
 Chicken on a stick by Aara

Chicken on a stick by Aara

What you do

  1. Concept Design First design your characters in your sketchbook and colour them with pencils and markers. Design the popsicle sticks as well.  
  2. Popsicle Stick Before you start sculpting, draw your popsicle stick designs.
  3. Clay Select the colours you require and knead your clay. Try sculpting various three-dimensional shapes such as a ball, a cylinder, a cone and cube.
  4. Sculpt Begin sculpting your characters. Mold several small pieces and combine them to form your character.
  5. Wiggly Eyes Last, glue on wiggly eyes.