CD Art Deco


Do you have an old stack of CDs at home and want to find a use them? My daughter and I found a way to turn old CDs into beautiful works of art that can be hung up on walls or be used as cup coasters. It takes only a few simple steps to make. It also helps to reduce waste.

What you need

  • old CD's (feel free to bring any old CD's along)
  • Deco Art Pens
  • black permeant markers

What you do

  1. First, choose a theme and sketch your idea in your sketchbook. It can be about animals, cars, dinosaurs, bugs, flowers, marine life, machines, or in my daughter's example above, a garden. 
  2. Transfer your idea onto the back of a CD using a black permanent marker.
  3. Colour inside the black lines with Deco Art pens. 
  4. Feel free to go back to add too and refine your design.
  5. Design another CD!