Create Miniature Worlds With Line Clay


Children will make miniature worlds using Line Clay. Line Clay is string-like clay that can be bent, coiled or sculpted like a metal wire. The children will choose a theme and build miniatures related to it. They will also build three dimensional environments that correlate with their themes.  

Themes for your miniatures

  • dinosaurs
  • sea life
  • soldiers
  • wild animals
  • furniture
  • plants

What you need

  • line clay
  • construction paper
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • crayons
  • pencils


What you do

  1. Since line clay is doesn't stick together as easily as other kinds of clay, we will use one line of clay for each miniature sculpture.  
  2. Select a single line clay colour for your sculpture and mould it as if you were bending a metal coat hanger.  
  3. After you have completed sculpting  a few miniatures, work on a background that correlates with your theme.  Use cardboard and construction paper to build a three dimensional environments for your miniatures. 
  4. Place your miniatures into your environments and play. Make a narrative for your miniature world. 
  5. Optional: Narrate and film a story.