Cross Contour Line Drawing


Cross contour line drawing is an exercise that gives students an understanding of three-dimensional form. Students will make an outline drawing of a subject with intersecting lines drawn on the surface of it. (It sort of resembles a computer polygon wire frame model.) This lesson trains you to closely observe the shape and form of an object. 

What you need

  • pencil & eraser
  • sketchpad 
  • subject matter (whole fruits and vegetables)

What you do

  1. For this exercise our subject will be whole fruits and vegetables. Choose one and make an outline drawing of it. Look intently at your subject to capture it's shape and form.
  2. Draw contour lines in one direction over your subject. Closely observe the surface area to capture it's subtle curvatures.
  3. Now draw contour lines in a perpendicular direction to the first set of contour lines that you have drawn. The intersecting lines should form squares on the surface area of the object.  
  4. After completing your drawing, look over it to make sure you have accurately captured the surface plane.
  5. Draw another contour line drawing with a different subject!