Design Custom Stickers


In this lesson we will make our own custom stickers designs. The students will learn how to conceptualise, plan and create their own sticker designs using a variety of artist materials. 

What you need   

  • Sticker paper
  • Sketchpad 
  • permanent black pens
  • professional markers, pencil crayons and pens
  • pencil and eraser
 Sticker designs compliments of Louis Vuitton

Sticker designs compliments of Louis Vuitton

What you do

  1. Roughly sketch several designs for your stickers.  Be imaginative with your ideas and use of colour, at this early stage you want to let your ideas flow freely. Look to your favorite TV shows, hobbies or magazines to gain inspiration. 
  2. Select the designs that you like and transfer them onto a sheet of sticker paper with pencil. 
  3. Outline your sticker design with permanent black markers and colour them with markers, pens and pencil crayons.  
 Compliments of Louis Vuitton

Compliments of Louis Vuitton