Drawing Buildings in One-Point Perspective


In this lesson we will learn how to draw buildings in one-point perspective. Buildings come in many different shapes and sizes but we will start off with a basic rectangular building with windows. The process involves constructing the basic outer frame of a building, windows and other architectural components.  

What you need

  • ruler
  • set square
  • paper
  • pencil
  • eraser
One-point perspective drawing of a building 

One-point perspective drawing of a building 

What you do

  1. Horizon Line Begin by drawing horizon line across the middle of the page and mark a vanishing point on the centre of the line.  

  2. Building Frame Draw a rectangle that indicates the height and width of your building.  Draw lines from each of the corners towards the vanishing point. Mark the depth of your building to draw a rectangular cube.  

  3. Windows Now measure and mark the vertical distances of each window of your building on the front edge of your building. Using your set square, draw horizontal lines on the front of you building following the measurement marks. Continue drawing the windows on the side of you building towards the vanishing point.  

  4. Next Building Draw another building and be more adventurous in the design of the building you draw this time.  

New words

  • perspective grid
  • vanishing point - VP 
  • horizon line - eye level
  • guideline
  • ellipse
  • cube
  • vertical line and horizontal line