Environmental Poster: Endangered Species


Help raise awareness of about endangered animals and our environment by illustrating a poster about animal species that are at risk of becoming extinct. Draw and label different endangered animals in your poster. Focus on an animal that you care about. 

List of endangered animals

  • elephant
  • panda
  • jaguar
  • chimpanzee
  • killer whale
  • sea turtles
  • vulture
  • parrot
  • penguin
  • hippopotamus
  • dolphin
  • penguin
  • giraffe
  • leopard
  • jaguar
  • rhinoceros


What you need

  • sketch pad
  • permanent pens
  • pencil & eraser
  • pastels
  • crayons

What you do

  1. As a class, make  a list of various endangered animals. Why do you think they are going extinct?
  2. Draw a several rough thumbnail sketch of your poster idea. Go a little nuts and get creative with your ideas.  
  3. Transfer your idea on large illustration paper. Plan your layout carefully.  
  4. Clean up your pencil lines with an eraser and trace over them with a permanent black marker. 
  5. Colour your illustration with a medium of your choice.