Flip Book


Learn about a fundamental principles of animation and film by making a flip book. A flip book creates the illusion of motion with sequence of static drawings that slightly differ from each other.

What's an Animator

Animators are artists that specialize in the process of creating the illusion of motion. The methods include cell animation, stop motion animation, computer animation and more. All of these methods rely on the same fundamental principles used in a flip book. 

What You Need

  • notepad or post-it
  • markers
  • pencil
  • eraser

What you Do

  1. Envision your subject and plot. Start by imagining a character that you want to animate. Your character should be something easy to draw such as a stick figure or a simple cartoon.
  2. Draw your subject on the bottom sheet of paper. Use a pencil so that you can fix mistakes easily.
  3. Trace your subject in a slightly different position from the drawing underneath. Repeat this process on each page to animate your characters. Just draw and allow your characters to come act on their own.
  4. Test your flip book. Flip your pages to see if you can make any improvements.
  5. Colour. Colour your characters and add backgrounds.