Full-Page Comic Strip


In this lesson you will learn how plan, write and draw a full page comic strip, using the character you've designed in a previous class. A comic strip is a sequence of drawings framed in panels, that tell a story. Throughout the 20th century and into the 21st, these have been published in newspapers and magazines. Today comic strips most often appear online as web comics.  


  • sketch pad
  • pencil
  • markers and paint
 Anna Comic Strip by Richard Lee

Anna Comic Strip by Richard Lee


What you do

  1. Think about the plot for a story using the characters you've designed in the previous class.

  2. Roughly sketch the panels and layout of your comic.  

  3. Tell the story with your characters in the panels. Let your characters act by themselves.  Have fun with it!

  4. Refine your pencil lines until you are satisfied with the result.  Remember to leave space for the dialogue balloons.

  5. Start inking your comic with black pens and markers.

  6. Paint your final illustration.  

New words

  • panels
  • plot / story
  • dialogue balloon
  • sound effects
  • penciling
  • lettering
  • inking, speed lines