Glass Decco


In this activity the students will create beautiful stained glass artwork with Glass Deco. This activity requires the students to fine-tune their motor skills by squeezing the right amount of paint from a tube and painting inside of the lines. They can make their own creative designs or follow a pre-existing template.  

What you need

  • Pencil
  • Sketchbooks
  • Permanent black marker
  • Markers
  • Glass Deco
  • Acetate Film
  • Pre-existing templates designs

What you do

  1. Sketch a design for your glass deco art. Be imaginative with your ideas and choice of colour. If you need some inspiration, look through (or use) other pre-existing designs. 
  2. Choose an idea that you like the most and outline it with a black permanent marker and colour it. The design should be no bigger 10 x 10 centimeters square.
  3. Place a sheet of clear acetate over your design and trace the outlines with black glass deco paint.
  4. After you are finished, put it aside and allow the black lines to dry.
  5. While is it drying, make another design repeating steps 1-4.  
  6. Once you have completed the steps, return to your first design and check if it has dried by touching it gently with your finger.
  7. If it is dry, paint the colours within the black lines. Refer back to your rough design. 
  8. Repeat steps 6 & 7 for your second design.