Ink and Watercolour Designs


In this lesson we will be inking and painting designs with markers and watercolour paint. Their designs can be related to typography, an animation character, scenery or an abstract design. They will first draw there ideas in pencil. Next they will ink their designs with markers and paint them

What is watercolour paint?

Watercolour paint is a transparent painting medium known for its bright and vibrant colours. It is made by mixing colour pigments with a binder. The paint is diluted with water and before it is applied onto paper. The water then evaporates and the binder fixes the pigment to the paper. 

What you need

  • pencils
  • rulers
  • sketch pad
  • permanent markers
  • watercolour paint

What you do

  1. Draw out four 10 x 10 squares in your sketchbook and ink the backgrounds with black markers.
  2. Draw your design within the boxes. It can be a typography font, cartoon, scenery or an abstract design.
  3. Ink your designs with black markers to make pleasing contrast.
  4. Paint your designs with watercolour paint.