Kids Anatomy


In this lesson we will study about the human anatomy by drawing our own body and labeling some key body parts. 

In most artwork, whether it is a children's book, fashion, architecture, industrial design, fine art or even an instructional manual, the subject matter often involves people. Many of us will encounter a situation when we will have to draw people (or stickmen at the very least) to help us illustrate a point. It is very useful to have some knowledge on how to draw the human figure.

What you need

  • materials sketchpad
  • pencils
  • permanent markers
  • pastels
  • crayons

Basic Body Parts

  • Head: hair, eye, nose, mouth, teeth, ears, chin
  • Torso: neck, chest, stomach, hips
  • Arm: shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, fingers
  • Leg: knee, ankle, foot, toes

What you do

  1. Starting with your head, draw and label your facial features such as your eyes, nose, chin etc. 
  2. Proceed to drawing your torso and branch out to your limbs. Label all the basic body parts.
  3. Refine your pencil lines and then trace over them with a permanent marker. Pay attention to the details.  
  4. Color your drawing with pastels and crayons. You may also use markers and pens for finer detail work.