Magazine Collage Part 2


Students will use torn and cut up pieces of magazine pages to create colourful collages or paper mosaics. In the 2nd part of the lesson, we will first browse through magazines to find images that closely match the colours in our rough designs. We will then cut, tear and paste the magazines pages onto our final collage.  

What You Need

  • magazines or photos
  • scissors
  • bristol board paper
  • pencils and markers
  • glue stick
  • paint

What You Do:

  1. Make sure you have transferred the outline drawing of your sketch on to large bristol board.  
  2. Browse through magazines to find pages that match the colour of your rough design.
  3. Start tearing and cutting  pieces of magazine paper and paste them within the lines of your drawings. Make sure to match the colours of area to your rough design as closely as possible. 
  4. Refer back to your concept sketch for reference. If some areas don't appear the way you'd like it to,  you can always cut and paste over the area again.  
A finished magazine collage of a tree.

A finished magazine collage of a tree.