Mini Story Book


In this lesson students will learn how to write and illustrate a storybook. It can a fictional story or a journal about their week. This is a simple activity meant to get children familiar with process of making a storybook. They will also make a short video narration of their story.  

What you need

  • markers
  • pens
  • paper
  • pencils
  • glue
  • constuction paper


What you do

  1.  Students will fold a sheet of A4 paper into 1/8 and cut the centre to make a foldable book.
  2. They will sketch a rough outline of their story onto each page while leaving space for the text.
  3. Next they will refine and illustrate their stories with pencil.
  4. Once the students are satisfied with their story and drawings, they will colour them.
  5. Next they will choose a sheet of coloured paper and fold the paper into the same book format.
  6. Last, they will cut out each page of their book illustrations and paste them onto the into the pages of the coloured book.  
  7. After the students have completed their books, they will narrate their stories on video.