One-Point Perspective Drawing - BASIC


Students will learn how to draw in one-point perspective. A one-point perspective drawing contains one vanishing point on a horizon line. Perspective is a fundamental principle in art. All artist are knowledgeable about perspective whether they are realistic or abstract painters. Perspective drawing is frequently applied by architects, industrial designers, illustrators and game designers. The concept is a little difficult grasp at first but it becomes easier to understand with practice. We will cover a lot more on perspective drawing in future lessons.

What you need

  • sketch paper
  • pencils
  • rulers

What you do

  1. Students will learn some basic terms for perspective drawing: horizon line, vanishing point, eye level, square, corner, guideline, cube, cylinder, sphere, ellipse, ground, vertical line and horizontal line.
  2. The artist will draw a three-dimensional cube in one-point perspective. They will draw the same cube in a near and far in distance from the viewer.  
  3. After drawing the cubes the students will learn to draw other basic forms in perspective such as cylinders and spheres. 
  4. Once the students has drawn these basic forms in one-point perspective, they will draw more complex objects in one-point perspective such as a car, boat, train, airplane, building, chair, cup or a room.


  • horizon line
  • vanishing point
  • eye level
  • square
  • corner
  • guideline
  • cube
  • cylinder
  • sphere
  • ellipse
  • ground
  • vertical line and horizontal line