Paper Clay Tiles - Sculpting


Paper clay is lightweight sculpting material that can be moulded and air dried to a hard finish. It is versatile, handling similar to traditional soil clay. Today, students will make three-dimensional paper clay tile designs.  

What you need

  • paper clay
  • sculpting tools
  • white glue
  • cardboard
  • mineral oil
  • markers & pencils
  • pencil crayons
Paper Clay Tile Sculpture by Richard Lee

Paper Clay Tile Sculpture by Richard Lee

What you do

  1. Think of a theme for your paper clay design. It can be about nature, wildlife, space, dinosaurs, insects or anything you can imagine. 
  2. In pencil, make rough sketches of your 10 x 10 centimetre clay illustration on paper....Be creative!
  3. Colour your design with markers. 
  4. Take your paper clay out of the wrapper. Knead the clay, play with it to get a sense of how to sculpted it.
  5. Start sculpting your design. Refer back to your sketch as you are sculpting. 
  6. Allow your sculpture dry so that it can be painted in the next class.