Environment: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


This week, we will be illustrating an environmental posters about recycling. It will be titled: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Your ideas can be original and creative as long as it communicates a message to reduce waste. 

What you need

  • large sketchpad
  • pencils, eraser and permenent markers
  • pastel, markers and crayons

Brainstorming Questions

  1. What are some different recycling categories? ie. plastic, paper, vinyl, glass, cans, food waste, etc.
  2. Name some household products at your home that can be recycled? ie. milk cartons, paper, food wrappers, plastic bags, yogurt bottle, etc.
  3. How can our environment benefit from recycling waste?

What you do

  1. Design several 2-4 thumbnail sketches of your poster. Be creative and original with your concept. 
  2. Choose the idea you like most and refine it. Include titles, words and phrases. Roughly colour your sketch.
  3. Transfer you idea onto a large sketch pad in pencil.  
  4. Outline your pencil lines with a black permanent marker. 
  5. Colour your final artwork with pastels and crayons.