Writing a Screenplay for Film


In this lesson we are writing screenplays using the clay characters that made from last class. We will later use our screenplay to shoot a short film using our characters. 

Did you know

Screenplays are used to make movies, cartoons, video games, television, documentaries, commercials, theater, comic books and more. I found myself using screenplay writing to plan presentations for the classroom and for work.  

  Lawrence Kasdan longhand script for  The Empire Strikes Back  

 Lawrence Kasdan longhand script for The Empire Strikes Back 

What you do

  1. Character Profile Write a profile for each of your characters. What are their names, interests and personalities like? The more you can write about them the better.  
  2. Plot Develop the story by roleplaying with your characters in the scenes. 
  3. Write Start writing the dialogue for each scene. Have one of the students (or teacher) write down the script. 
  4. Rehearse Practice rehearsing with your characters and edit the script.
  5. Filming Shoot the screenplay and remember to have FUN!