Environment: Sculpting and Painting


Continuing from the endangered animals poster lesson, we will make a sculpture of our favorite endangered animal. In this two part lesson, we will first sculpt paper clay animals and in the second class, we will paint them.   

What you need:

  • Paper clay 
  • chiseling tools 
  • thick water-based paint (gouache)
  • paintbrushes 
  • water containers
  • some newspapers
  • Additional Materials: paper cups, paper towels



Part 1

  1. Referring back to the previous lesson, talk about some animals that are endangered. Why are they endangered of becoming extinct?  ie. elephant, panda, jaguar, chimpanzee, killer whale, sea turtles, vulture, parrot, penguin, hippopotamus, dolphin, penguin, giraffe, leopard, jaguar, rhinoceros.
  2. Make sketches of the animal you want to sculpt. 
  3. Take some paper clay and get familiar with it clay by sculpting some basic three-dimensional shapes such as a sphere, cube, cylinder and cone. Try attaching the shapes together with water and sculpting tools.  
  4. Sculpt your animal. Use various sculpting tools make the details of your animal. 

Part 2

  1. We will review colour theory and how to mix primary colours to produce secondary colours.  
  2. Refer back to your animal sketches, select and mix the colours that you will need to paint your animal. 
  3. Paint your animals. Start with the lighter colours first and darker colours last.   
  4. Use a small brush for detail work and look for any area that needs touching up.