Typography: Word Expression


In this lesson we will choose a word and design a visual representation of it's meaning. You can express the meaning of a word by choosing a suitable font, playing with the arrangement of the letters and manipulating the typeface. 

Understanding typography design can help you design covers for school reports, design a personal website or create a personal logo. The applications are far-reaching. 

What is Typography?

Typography is the art of making written text visually appealing, expressive and legible. Typography design involves choosing appropriate fonts and modifying text sizes, colours, letter spacing and layout.

What you need

  • pencils
  • sketch pad
  • markers or pencil crayons
 Examples of various word expression designs.

Examples of various word expression designs.

 Use colour to enhance the visual meaning of the word.  

Use colour to enhance the visual meaning of the word.  

List of words to choose from

fire, water, angry, sad, cold, hungry, mad, happy, sick, strong, thin, hard, soft, ugly, pretty, soft, light, thing, heavy, old, free,  etc.. You may also use other words that are not on the list.  

What you do

  1. Select a word that you would like to design.
  2. Draw several thumbnail sketches of your word design. Play around with the font style, thickness of the lines and the arrangement of the letters.
  3. Choose ideas that you like the most and develop them further. Ask for feedback from your classmates.
  4. Colour your designs. Choose colours that best conveys the meaning of your word.
  5. Once you are finished, explain your design.
  6. Next, design your name in a way that it represents you.