What is Narrative Art?

Narrative art is art that tells a story. It takes many forms: oral, written, performed, musical or visual.  It manifests itself in every in every culture and is old as humanity. Some of the oldest examples of art tell the stories of heroes, gods, rulers and legends of times past. Storytelling through visual art is prominent across every culture and time period in human history.

Take a look at the following examples to get an idea of the program. Please note that some of the examples may look a little unpolished. A lot of them I just made for fun with my daughter.  


Story Book Illustration

In this lesson students will learn how to write and illustrate a storybook. It can a fictional story or a journal about their week. This is a simple activity meant to get children familiar with process of making a storybook. They will also make a short video narration of their story.  

Story Book Narration

Narrate your story books into short video clips. 


Learn about a fundamental principles of animation and film by making a flip book. A flip book creates the illusion of motion with sequence of static drawings that slightly differ from each other.



In this lesson we are writing and acting out screenplays using the clay characters that made from last class. We will later use our screenplay to shoot a short film using our characters. 


In this lesson we are singing songs for pictures books that we have illustrated.